by Gregory Von Dare

In the middle of the psychedelic 1960s, America seethes with change. There are protests over the Vietnam war and anger from the JFK assassination. Martin Lee Mitchell, a low-rent private eye, discovers that a serial child-murderer who outsmarted him in the 1950s (when he was with the LAPD) is back in town. The suspect has ties to some very powerful people in Hollywood and Washington D.C. and evades Mitchell at every turn. The search for a missing millionaire in Pasadena leads Mitchell down a rabbit’s hole of deceit, drugs, dangerous hippies and double-crosses. He makes love to a self-destructive blonde movie star, tracks a Cuban defector wanted by the CIA and finally corners the child-killer in a remote desert shack. Only one of them will come out of it alive.

(Screenplay – Action/Drama – 120 minutes)

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With A Bullet

Texas_Ranch_Road_1With A Bullet

by Gregory Von Dare

Mitch Mitchell is the number two sharpshooter ever produced by the U.S. Army. He returns from a tour in Afghanistan to his home in Midlands, Texas and agrees to stay with his wealthy older brother, Sonny, and his brother’s trophy wife, Daisy. Mitch’s dream is to rebuild their father’s ranch, raising mustangs and Quarter Horses. But Sonny has promised to sell the ranch to a crooked land developer, despite the fact that Mitch legally owns the property. When the developer and his hit men kill Sonny, Mitch uses his skills as an Army vet and world-class marksman to take revenge. A corrupt cop makes it much harder than Mitch figured. Can he shoot his way out of this one?

(Action/Drama – 105 min. – low budget)

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Rocket In My Pocket

Love Couple Wallpapers (4)Rocket In My Pocket

by Gregory Von Dare

Two couples, a pair of rockers in their 20s and two married Yuppies in their 30s, have relationship problems. All four of them have put career and ambition ahead of the one they love. One night, through a series of wacky events, they switch partners. It wakes up their view of themselves, and their idea of love. For one thing, the sex is amazing. However, adapting to the age gap is not so easy. They barely speak the same language. By demolishing the status quo, the four new partners help each other in real, practical ways. Eventually, all of them realize they want their original lover back. Can they overcome their pride, ego and stubbornness – and the insane advice of their friends and co-workers – to return things the way they were?

(Screenplay, Rom-Com – about 100 min – R-rated)

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The Hole

imgresThe Hole

by Gregory Von Dare

With no reasonable explanation, a young man finds himself alone at the bottom of a large hole that is too deep, wide and vertical to scale. He can’t possibly escape. Even though food and clothing are provided, he grows increasingly desperate and driven to find a way out – and to have the company of other people. A young woman – who may be a dream – hints that there may be a way out if only he is brave and smart enough to try it. Strange and surreal, this story will haunt your imagination.

(Screenplay – Eight characters – 30 min.)

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