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Gregory Von Dare – writer, savant, mote in the Universe.


Me, doing stand-up at the Happy Medium in 1965. I had just returned from safari at the Brookfield Zoo. This was a publicity photo from the Chicago Tribune. Woody Allen was on stage at Mr. Kelley’s then and I insulted him on the street one day. He became furious and swore I would never have a career, never! Geez, Woody.

I’m a long-term writer who began as a journalist. My wife grew-up in Hawaii and we’ve returned many times for research/vacations, including extended stays on the Big Island and Oahu. Although I live in Los Angeles, I have contacts in Hawaii who help me authenticate the material in my books and stories. I am an affiliate member of Mystery Writers of America and write a column for the local chapter’s newsletter.



This stock-looking VW New Beetle convertible actually has a Corvette engine up front producing 560 brake horsepower. The car will do close to 200 MPH before disintegrating into confetti. Seriously, folks, it has 145000 miles on it, a cracked head, and I will trade it for a skate board with fresh decals. Whaddya say?




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