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This book was an automotive niche best-seller and highly influential among Lincoln collectors and buffs. For Motor Company bought hundreds of copies to distribute at the Monterey Historic Races and Pebble Beach Concours d’Eegance in 1995, when Lincoln was the featured brand. Published by Motorbooks Inc, my publisher at the time. To stay on budget, the book is all black and white – my only regret.



My first automotive book – and first book of any kind. It has amazing photography by Dave Friedman and a layout I personally supervised. The late T.C. Browne said the chapter on LeMans was the best description of that race he had ever read. And, coming from one of the most prolific and cleverest automotive writers in history, that’s high praise indeed. The book currently sells on Amazon for collectible prices. Also from Motorbooks.



I was one of six authors who contributed to this coffee-table anthology of amazing art-photographs by Cindy Lewis. The book is about 16 by 24 inches and weighs over ten pounds. It was sold by Porsche dealers for many years. With the cooperation of the Porsche factory, Cindy was allowed to shoot historic and valuable street and race cars, while myself and other Porsche experts provided lengthy articles focused on the most important cars in the company’s history. I was also chosen to write three sets of updates for further editions of the book. When I worked for Road & Track magazine, I had a Porsche 911 Turbo for two weeks as my test vehicle and I remember vividly how it snapped your neck when you stepped on the gas. Accept no substitute.

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