Rocket In My Pocket

Love Couple Wallpapers (4)Rocket In My Pocket

by Gregory Von Dare

Two couples, a pair of rockers in their 20s and two married Yuppies in their 30s, have relationship problems. All four of them have put career and ambition ahead of the one they love. One night, through a series of wacky events, they switch partners. It wakes up their view of themselves, and their idea of love. For one thing, the sex is amazing. However, adapting to the age gap is not so easy. They barely speak the same language. By demolishing the status quo, the four new partners help each other in real, practical ways. Eventually, all of them realize they want their original lover back. Can they overcome their pride, ego and stubbornness – and the insane advice of their friends and co-workers – to return things the way they were?

(Screenplay, Rom-Com – about 100 min – R-rated)

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