With A Bullet

Texas_Ranch_Road_1With A Bullet

by Gregory Von Dare

Mitch Mitchell is the number two sharpshooter ever produced by the U.S. Army. He returns from a tour in Afghanistan to his home in Midlands, Texas and agrees to stay with his wealthy older brother, Sonny, and his brother’s trophy wife, Daisy. Mitch’s dream is to rebuild their father’s ranch, raising mustangs and Quarter Horses. But Sonny has promised to sell the ranch to a crooked land developer, despite the fact that Mitch legally owns the property. When the developer and his hit men kill Sonny, Mitch uses his skills as an Army vet and world-class marksman to take revenge. A corrupt cop makes it much harder than Mitch figured. Can he shoot his way out of this one?

(Action/Drama – 105 min. – low budget)

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