by Gregory Von Dare

In the middle of the psychedelic 1960s, America seethes with change. There are protests over the Vietnam war and anger from the JFK assassination. Martin Lee Mitchell, a low-rent private eye, discovers that a serial child-murderer who outsmarted him in the 1950s (when he was with the LAPD) is back in town. The suspect has ties to some very powerful people in Hollywood and Washington D.C. and evades Mitchell at every turn. The search for a missing millionaire in Pasadena leads Mitchell down a rabbit’s hole of deceit, drugs, dangerous hippies and double-crosses. He makes love to a self-destructive blonde movie star, tracks a Cuban defector wanted by the CIA and finally corners the child-killer in a remote desert shack. Only one of them will come out of it alive.

(Screenplay – Action/Drama – 120 minutes)

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